Test Reports

Micro-Coax manufactures ARACON® metal clad fiber and EMI shielding for use in high reliability aerospace applications where ARACON’s combination of light weight and effective EMI shielding offer opportunities for weight savings in critical applications. The 75/25 blended braid (75% ARACON and 25% nickel-plated copper wire by volume) of enhanced grade

ARACON fiber (XN0400EF fiber) represents the most effective lightweight shielding option available. Braids made from this combination combine tolerance for harsh environments with milliohm DC resistivity for superior shielding while achieving 60-80% weight savings compared to typical metal braids. The following report is presented in sections and each section details the results of a series of physical, environmental and electrical tests conducted across several sizes of this 75/25 blended braid.

For more detailed information about these procedures or results, please contact Dan Schettler at Micro-Coax, 610-495-4443 or via e-mail at daschettler@micro-coax.com.