Micro-Coax Launches New Weight Savings Calculator for ARACON Brand

Micro-Coax announced today that the company has launched its new weight savings calculator for its ARACON® brand.

The calculator demonstrates the compelling weight savings achieved when conventional wire shielding is replaced with ARACON braided fiber.

“Besides providing the weight savings, our new calculator also details critical design information on both the ARACON and AA59569 copper braided EMI shields not found anywhere else.” said Ron Souders, Technical Director at Micro-Coax. “Engineers will find this to be useful tool for any braided EMI shield application, even if it is not ARACON.”

ARACON is a revolutionary product, available only from Micro-Coax, which combines the conductivity of an outer metal coating with the strength, lightweight, and flexibility of aramid fibers. ARACON is manufactured by plating DuPont™ KEVLAR® fibers, a material well known for its use in bullet-resistant vests, high-speed boats and military helmets. With the addition of nickel, copper and silver coatings of varying thicknesses, ARACON fibers provide a versatile combination of physical and electrical properties for a variety of demanding applications.

About Micro-Coax

Celebrating over 50 years in business, Micro-Coax is a worldwide leader providing design expertise for radio frequency (RF) and microwave transmission line products and composite EMI shielding materials. Serving the space, military, test & measurement, telecommunications and aviation markets, Micro-Coax products have earned a reputation for the highest reliability in the toughest environments. A broad technology base allows Micro-Coax to quickly respond to customer needs with an innovative combination of coaxial cables, connectors, cable assemblies and EMI shielding materials. For more information, visit www.micro-coax.com.