Specialized Conducting

ARACON also excels in low current circuits where weight and strength are critical. Compared to metal wires, ARACON fibers effectively replace a portion of the metal with aramid. The aramid contributes strength but increases resistance. Depending on design requirements, resistance can be decreased by shifting to a slightly larger ARACON conductor while still retaining weight and strength benefits.


The break strength of ARACON conductors is nearly three times that of copper.

The flexibility and strength of the KEVLAR® core means that conductors of ARACON fibers will hold up in high-vibration, high-stress applications.

Termination reliability
Crimping tests with 22D contacts confirmed that conductors of ARACON can be crimped with standard tools and contacts. There was no work hardening of the crimped clad fibers as is normally seen with crimped copper. Conductors of ARACON did not pull or break at the interface like copper.

KEVLAR® is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company