EMI Shielding

ARACON fibers braided into a shield or sock offer superior performance against electromagnetic interference. See the advantages of using EMI/RF Shielding products:


More uniform coverage
The textile-like properties of ARACON fibers contribute to extremely effective, uniform shield coverage. The large number of very fine fibers, together with the tendency of yarn bundles to flatten and spread, makes it easy to obtain high coverage levels with reduced windowing. Ease of pushback is maintained even at high coverage.

Better high-frequency shielding
The fine ARACON fibers provide a very high surface-to-volume ratio. Together with the excellent coverage, the extra surface yields improved high-frequency EMI shielding performance. For lower frequencies, a hybrid of metal wire and ARACON fibers offers good performance with weight savings.

Reduced weight
In a typical case, switching to ARACON fibers allows a weight savings of 60% in the braid, which translated to an overall reduction in cable weight of 26%. Weight savings can be especially important in aerospace and similar applications where every ounce counts.

Braid made from ARACON fibers has successfully replaced copper braid in military applications where ease of movement and durability were critical.

Yarns of ARACON fibers are fully compatible with standard braiding equipment. Shields made with ARACON fibers can be terminated by soldering or with band straps.