In the mid 1990’s, Micro-Coax was attempting to penetrate the space market with our high performance flexible microwave coaxial cable assemblies. We were unable to differentiate ourselves enough for any of the major satellite manufacturers to invest the necessary funds to qualify a new cable assembly supplier.

Around that same time, DuPont™ gave us a presentation on a new product called ARACON. ARACON brand metal clad fibers were developed by DuPont in the early 1990′s as a light weight high strength KEVLAR® based alternative to traditional plated copper wire and conductive fibers.

ARACON is a high strength conductive fiber made from KEVLAR®, the same material used for bullet resistant vests. Our engineers quickly recognized that by substituting the ARACON fiber in place of the silver plated copper braid traditionally used in our coaxial cables, we had the potential to reduce the weight by up to 30% and have a stronger connector attachment.

When the new cables incorporating ARACON were presented to the satellite manufacturers, they were quickly adopted by both Lockheed Martin for the ACES program and Hughes on the Thuraya program. Since that time, nearly every satellite manufacturer has used ARACON based cables as part of their weight reduction programs.

The only thing preventing ARACON based cables and EMI shields from saving weight on more earthly applications such as military and commercial aircraft was cost. That all changed in 2005 when DuPont™ made a decision to exit the business. Recognizing the potential value to our customers, Micro-Coax seized the opportunity to acquire the ARACON product line in 2006. With the acquisition complete, we immediately set out on a major modernization project to increase capacity and reduce cost.

That effort complete, the new lower-cost ARACON is now delivering even more value to traditional satellite and aerospace customers and creating new opportunities for applications in commercial and military aircraft. With the addition of nickel, copper, and silver coatings, ARACON fibers provide a versatile combination of physical and electrical properties for a variety of demanding applications.

Building on 50 years of microwave transmission line experience, Micro‐Coax’s capabilities include: manufacturing ARACON yarn, fiber on braider bobbins, single or multiple ends, finished braided EMI shields from 1/8 to 2 inch diameter, and testing both transfer impedance and RF shielding up to 18 GHz.
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ARACON® is a registered trademark of Micro-Coax, Inc.
KEVLAR® is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company