• smart fabric
    wearable technology
    ARACON conductive yarns or fibers are ideally suited for use in smart textiles that lead the future of communication.
  • shield the cables
    without the weight
    ARACON offers decreased weight up to 40% in the final shielded coaxial cable and up to 80% weight saving in braided EMI shielding.
  • remarkably flexible
    amazingly lightweight
    This revolutionary product, available only from Micro-Coax, combines the conductivity of an outer metal coating with the strength, light weight and flexibility of aramid fibers.
  • stronger, lighter
    high-frequency shielding
    Due to their textile like nature, ARACON fibers provide a very high surface-to-volume ratio. Together with the excellent coverage, the extra surface yields improved high Frequency EMI shielding performance
  • ARACON brand
    metal clad fibers
    The high performance solution for lightweight braided EMI shielding and conductors.
  • more strength
    less weight
    The specific gravity of ARACON fibers ranges from 3-5g/cc. At the same time, the strength of the aramid core (350 Ksi) is from three to ten times higher than that of traditional or high-strength copper cores (35-95 Ksi).